Ants Control

Most common Ants in Singapore is Black House Ant and Fire Ant.

Ants might possible have the most diverse diet in all of the animal kingdom. Ants can eat just about anything a person can eat. This includes all of the food groups and just about anything else in your kitchen that is left out! Which means sugars, fruits, vegetables, juice, meats, nuts, dairy, oils, herbs, etc. are all on the menu for ants.


An efficient way to control Ants is to maintain high standards of housekeeping and hygiene.

Sealing all food and removing all sources of sticky, sweet, greasy, and meaty foods from their access, remove all sources of garbage and keep the kitchen bin shut tightly.

How we can get rid of Ants for you

We use the following methods and NEA approved control products to stop Ants problems:

  1. Conduct pest infestation inspection from Pest Control Islandwide.
  2. Identifying all the area of common activity and location of nest.
  3. Application of Gel baiting and Poison bait stations. (Subject on suitability of the premise)
  4. Spray Residual Treatment. (Optional)
  5. Follow up inspection to ensure proper pest control.