Flies Control

Most common Flies in Singapore is House fly, Bush fly, Blue bottle and Flesh fly.

Flies are particularly dangerous insects as they carry bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms onto our food, eyes and wound. Flies are responsible for causing cholera, dysentery, typhoid and other food-borne diseases. Flies have the filthy habit of regurgitating food from their gut as they feed, and excreting faecal pellets on the food. They are attracted by the odour of decaying organic matter where they breed and feed.


An efficient way to control Flies is to find and eliminate their larval habitat.

  1. Regularly remove garbage, dog faeces and cat faeces.
  2. Throws food wastes into plastic bags, tie up the bags properly before putting them in refuse bins.
  3. Line dust bins with plastic bags and cover them with lids all the time.
  4. Remove food waste, scums in refuse bins.

How we can get rid of Flies for you

We use the following methods and NEA approved control products to stop Flies problems:

  1. Conduct pest infestation inspection from Pest Control Islandwide.
  2. Identification the breed and infested site as well as the type of flies.
  3. Residual chemical spraying or Thermal fogging on affected areas.
  4. Install flies catcher.
  5. Follow up inspection to ensure proper pest control.