Rodents Control

Most common Rodents in Singapore is Norway rat, Sewer rat, Roof rat and House mouse.

Rodents spread many diseases to man and cause extensive damage to our properties.


An efficient way to control Rodents is to deny Rodents of available food, water and shelter.
The main food sources for rodents are stored food and garbage in urban area, and field crops, natural vegetation and seeds in rural areas. Spilled grains, food wastes and garbage improperly disposed of are other food sources for the rodents.

How we can get rid of Rodents for you

We use the following methods and government approved control products to stop rodents problems:

  1. Conduct pest infestation inspection from Pest Control Islandwide.
  2. Identifying all the area of common activity.
  3. Application of traps, monitoring stations and Poison bait. (subject on suitability of the premise)
  4. Setting up of motion sensor camera device.
  5. Follow up inspection to ensure proper pest control.